Postpone local elections in AP

Local Body Elections In Andhara Pradesh Postponed For Six Weeks - SakshiVijayawada: The election process of local bodies in Andhra Pradesh has been postponed. The state election commission has decided to postpone the elections of local bodies in AP in the wake of the central declaration of coronavirus as a national catastrophe. State Elections Commissioner Ramesh Kumar has announced the postponement of local bodies elections in AP for six weeks. He said that the election process was up to date and only the postponed elections were postponed. After a high-level review, the decision was taken. It is clear that those who are unanimously elected as JudgeTC and MPTC will continue. Those who are unanimously elected will take charge with those who win the election. The election process continues as usual.

Discontinuation only .. not termination
Ramesh Kumar made it clear that this election process was only a halt and not a repeal. Elections will be held after six weeks. Once the adjournment is over, the review will be conducted and the schedule of panchayats will be announced. The nominees do not want to be intimidated. He warned that strict action would be taken to do so. There is a need to set up a separate cell for complaints. He said there were already many complaints from village volunteers and that personal and health care of employees was important. All the schools and malls in Karnataka and Telangana have already been closed and they have decided to postpone the emergency review.

The state election commission has the rights of the central election commission in extreme cases. The announcement of the schedule for the panchayat elections has been postponed, with several parties and social groups saying that the coronavirus will be affected. Recall that Prime Minister Narendra Modi referred to the corona effect as a notified disaster, saying it had conducted a full investigation into the corona effect. The use of ballot paper would mean more time for the vote, and would stay in the queue for a long time. The ballot paper said the coronavirus was at risk and that the election process was halted for six weeks under non-duty conditions. (Unanimous load ..

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