Congress setback in Gujarat Four MLAs resign, while resigning MLAs

ഗുജറാത്തിലും കോണ്‍ഗ്രസിന് തിരിച്ചടി; നാല് എം.എല്‍.എമാര്‍ രാജിവെച്ചു, രാജി എം.എല്‍.എമാരെ മാറ്റുന്നതിനിടെ

AHMEDABAD: The Congress has suffered a setback as its MLAs were shifted to Rajasthan just before the Rajya Sabha elections. Four Congress MLAs have resigned and submitted their resignations to the Governor.

Congress sent a team of 14 MLAs to Jaipur. There are not four MLAs in that group. They have now resigned. Four MLAs, including JV Kakadia and Somabhai Patel, have submitted their resignations.

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Congress legislator Virgibhai Tummer rejected reports that the MLAs had resigned. The party has not resigned. Somabhai Patel MLA was with the party till yesterday. I tried to contact JV Kakadia and another MLA, but they did not.

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The Congress and the BJP won two-thirds of the 182-member Assembly. It is necessary to secure a seat by 37 votes. The Congress has 73 MLAs. Jinnesh Mewani, an independent MLA, is backing the Congress. In addition, two MLAs of the Bharatiya Tribal Party and one member of the NCP are backing the Congress.

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