Best Bluetooth speakers in budget

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Simply put, JBL Go is the best budget Bluetooth speaker in the market. The speaker is crisp, clear and spacious, and has an in-built microphone for phone calls. At 8.3 x 6.8 x 3.1 centimeters, JBL Go is incredibly compact and weighs just 158 ​​grams. At 5 hours, battery life is still around average and bass is short. JBL Go is available for around Rs. 1,800, online, against an MRP of Rs. 2,699.
Best Bluetooth speakers in budget

Logitech X50
The Logitech X50 has a slim and compact design, a 3W power output, and a 3.5mm input for older equipment. The speaker weighs just 142 grams and comes with a 750mAh battery that is capable of delivering up to 5 hours of battery life, which is pretty satin. The volume of the offer is clear and detailed but the bass is a bit lacking. Logitech X50 is an MRP. 2,495 but can be found online for around. 1,300, making it one of the best speakers under Rs. 2,000.

The screaming Okawa mini
The Noise Aqua Mini Black Bluetooth supports Bluetooth 4.2, has a power output of 5W, and a rubberized exterior for impact resistance. The speaker of the USP is IPX7 water resistant rating, which means it can withstand submersion in a meter of fresh water for half an hour. The speaker also has FM radio support, a feature that many will appreciate.
For a single driver speaker, the Noise Aqua Mini gets loud enough. Vocals and heights are delivered well, without the noise of a rat. The bass clearly lacks a good punch but doesn't feel flat in any way and the middle range is sometimes not so special. Battery life is as good as it normally is, with up to 10 hours of normal setting. The Noise Okawa Mini has an MRP price. 2,999 but less than Rs 2,000 can be found online.
Best Bluetooth speakers in budget

Best Bluetooth speakers under Rs. 5,000

JBL Flip 2 Black Edition
With two 40mm drivers and a dedicated bass port, JBL Flip 2 delivers punchy bass, expressive mids and crisps and precise heights. The soundstage is a bit low but the level of clarity and detail is impressive. The speaker has an in-built microphone with echo and noise canceling technology, a fast pair for NCC, and 12 watts output power. The only downside is less than 5 hours of battery life but even better sound quality and better build quality. The Flip 2 can be found online for Rs. 3,999.

UE roll 2
Ultimate Years Roll 2 is an IPX7 certified Bluetooth Bluetooth Speaker that looks very slim and offers up to 9 hours of battery life. The bass fights on offer and the sound is crisp and clear. The UI Roll 2 can connect up to 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time and has a range of 65 feet. The weight of the speaker is just 330 grams and can be submerged for up to 30 minutes in 1 meter of fresh water. It was actually worth Rs. 8,495 but now around Rs. 500, ,,,, make it our choice among the best speakers under Rs. 5,000.

IP67-certified Final Year Vanderboam is a better package overall. It delivers excellent 360-degree acoustics, with ample mids and highs, without sound at all. It can be found online for around Rs. 5,800 but is often available for less than Rs. 5,000 during the sale.

Anchor Soundcore
Anchor Sound Undercover is a compact speaker with a weight of 358 grams and a range of 66 feet. With 6W drivers and a dedicated bass port, SoundCore delivers deep and punchy bass and crisps high. The midget sound is a little lost in the mix, but hopefully there will be a speaker of this size. The speaker's biggest USP is its excellent 24-hour battery life, which takes the competition far beyond. Anchor Soundcore can be found online at Rs. 2,999. Another variant, Soundcore Boost, is retailing at Rs. 5,499 and IPX5 combine water resistance and increase power by up to 20W.

Best Bluetooth speakers under Rs. 10,000

Bose SoundLink Micro
SoundLink Micro is an unobtrusive and incredibly compact blueprint speaker that delivers on the audio quality front. The bass is smiling, and the moods and highs are well represented. You have to be hard-pressed to find a speaker that sounds like it. It has an IPX7 water talk rating, a tear-resistant silicone wire, a rubber case, and an in-built microphone for phone calls. There is only one battery life, which is pretty satan in 6 hours. The speaker also offers voice access to Google Assistant and Siri. The Bose Soundlink is priced at Micro. 8,990 and can be found online as well as online from stores like Chrome.
Best Bluetooth speakers in budget

JBL Charge 3
The JBL Charge 3 comes with a 6,000mAh battery that is capable of providing up to 20 hours of play time, making it a great pick in the list of best speakers under Rs. 10,000 speakers can be used to charge smartphones and tablets via USB. Charge 3 is a great choice for bass lovers. Passive Bass Radiator delivers deep and excellent bass that does not disturb at high volume levels.

The speaker can connect to up to 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time and its range is 65 feet. It also has voice and echo-canceling microphones and gives Siri and Google Assistant a touch access. The fact that the Charge 3 IPX 7 is water resistant and has a tough rubber home that only adds to its appeal. JBL Charge 3 is an MRP. 13,999 but can be found online regularly for less than Rs 10,000.

UAE Boom 2
Ultimate Years Boom 2 offers 360 degree sound and IPX7 is water resistant, which means it can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. The speaker is also shock proof and has a range of 100 feet. The two 45mm active drivers working in conjunction with the Passive Radiator are deep, echoing bass and crisp high and up to 15 hours of battery life are also not bad. Siri + Google Assistant Voice Integration is just icing on the cake. Ultimate Years Boom 2 was launched at a price of Rs. 15,995 but can now be found online for Rs. 9,999.

Best Bluetooth speakers under Rs. 20,000

Bose Soundlink Mini 2
The Bose Soundlink Mini 2 is a slim and compact Bluetooth Bluetooth speaker that delivers sound to its size. The bass is tight and dense, the sound stage is wide and open, and the precision on offer is unheard of for a Bluetooth speaker at this price point. Great build quality and rock solid connectivity add to the appeal of Sound Link 2. Battery life is a bit steep for 10 hours though and you can't combine two speaker units for a stereo stereo sound. The Boss Sound Link Mini 2 is priced at Rs. 16,200 and can be obtained offline as well as offline from stores like authorized retailers of Chrome and Bose.
Best Bluetooth speakers in budget

Sony SRS-XB41
The Sony SRS-XB41 IP67 is dust-proof and water-resistant and full of breathable features at parties. The front of the speaker has lights that hold music compatible, a party booster function that allows you to tap the speaker to produce a sound effect and a live mode that adds 3D effects to the music and imitates the sound stage. Does excel in form. Mids and highs are suppressed, but the bass is deep and resonant which should please the party animals. The SRS-XB41 can be found for less than Rs. 14,000 is online and a great choice for party lovers and those who value extras and more than the quality of the sound. It certainly deserves a place in the list of best speakers under Rs. 20,000.

Herman Carden Onyx Studio 4
Herman Corden Onyx Studio 4's largest USP is its design. The circular speaker looks very thin and contemporary and stands out from the crowd. To call it portable is an attraction - it is quite heavy and heavy and is most commonly used as a home speaker. At the rear is a passive radiator that ensures a roaring bass. The mid-range is always a bit pressed for this but the level of clarity on offer is impressive and the upper ones are bright and crystal clear. Siri and Google Assistant can be hacked at the touch of a button, and the speaker's battery claims is 8 hours, which is average. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 is available on Harman Audio's official Indian website for Rs. 13,990.

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